Polysoude new power sources P4-3 & P6-3


The power sources have been modernised to integrate even more easily into companies wishing to engage in the industrial evolution towards digitalisation: industry 4.0.

As a result, the power sources of the P4-P6 range can now be integrated into a global system for exchanging information via a local network (Ethernet) or via the Internet (WIFI) and communicate with their environment and with the company (its information system, its organisation).

The recording, visualisation and analysis of welding data can be centralised, and the supervision of welding parameters of several online generators is now possible.Remote access for support, loading welding programs and data recovery results in increased productivity, quality and consumption for your applications.

The high-resolution touch panel, now independent, allows you to control, load, modify, save welding programs and connect to any power source of the same model via a quick and “hot” connection.

The new simple and intuitive user interface (IHM) includes more search criteria to suggest the welding program best suited to your application. A more visual identification then exists to distinguish the calculated programs, those of the library and yours. New fields are available to help you organize your data.

These power sources are production tools particularly suitable for all types of workshops or construction sites, even under difficult environmental conditions.

Published December 12th, 2019

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