Tank Ventilation

RANGES: Beverage, Brewing, Dairy, Potable Water, Wine

NDA is able to offer you a solution to ensure your tank air is sterile.

The Sterivent creates and maintains a clean zone in the manufacturing environment during the filling and emptying process of vessels, this eliminates the need for clean rooms. This means that when vessels are in use, the product is always in a controlled environment, from the point of entry up until it leaves the factory.

The Sterivent is able to filter the air into the vessel at 500 M3/Hr and keep it sterile using a HEPA filter. By blowing air into the vessel it creates a small positive pressure ensuring any outside foreign particles cannot enter.

This is able to be monitored through the Sterivent control panel, this panel can also be connected into the main control board (PLC) of a factory to ensure the vent can be controlled remotely.

Benefits of this can help to extend the shelf life of products, by removing contaminations entering the vessel during production, Sterivent has a separation efficiency of 99.997%.

This also leads to using less preservatives in products keeping the consumer happy. Having no contamination leads to less time spent cleaning and more time manufacturing.


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