Portable Tee Pulling


The powerful T-DRILL T-65 SS is an ideal portable solution for making tee joints of O.D. 17 – 54 mm in main run tubes up to 300 mm in just a couple of minutes. While giving comparable quality to commercial tee fittings, the profit will increase since the T-65 SS eliminates cutting of pipe, two welded joints and the fitting cost.

The Heavy Duty T-DRILL T-65 is a privileged member in the T-DRILL tool family of copper tubes. Having the capacity up to 54 mm out of the run tubes up to 108 mm (with optional retrofit kit even up to 168,3 mm run tubes) will make you still more profitable and competitive. If a comparison is made between the installed cost of a tee fitting and T-DRILL joint you will see an improved profit that approaches 70%. This is documented in most any labor calculator in use.


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